Discotelsisal Flap Discs And Abrasives

1- Scraper Discs and Abrasives

They consist of strips of abrasive “non-woven fabric” alternating with strips of abrasive paper bonded radially and detachably from a piece.

They are produced in various regions with “non-woven fabric” with silicon carbide.

It is available in different formats and is available in automatic or semi-automatic machines. Sandpaper interleaf wheels are produced in long rolls and then cut when necessary.

They can be used on both flat and shaped surfaces, adapting perfectly to the shape of the profile.

Sandpaper interleaf wheels operate in one direction of rotation only.

Discotelsisal, high life edge scrapers with different size and densty options.

2-) NWF bladed wheels are available in silicon carbide and aluminum oxide.Satin finishing on various metals, polishing of paint and staining of glazes on ceramics.Available in all grains and hardnesses and in a variety of formats.

3-) NWF abrasive sheets are available with aluminum oxide and silicon carbide in different grits and sizes.


  • Metal covering
  • Vitrified finishing
  • Paint polishing