Hand Sponges

We stock a variety of materials to make our hand sponges. Each one is specially selected for its individual characteristics and consistent quality, which offers you the most effective and our hand sponges are cut to different shapes for various applications and requests.


Our standard range of rectangular hand spongesfor ceramic, listed in their most popular sizes and witin our most popular technical sponges. Dont be limited by others,custom sponges can be made to size and material specification of your request



Often used for fettling these coarse foams do not absorb water and as a consequence give off water to the ware that will leave slurry marks. They are therefore , often used in combination with a sponging foam for finishing off ;or processes where there are twin stations for fettling and sponging Offered in a range of porosity grades with finer porosities being suitable for fine fettling


RH, often reffered to as honeycomb, was developed to imitate the “fine faced natural sponge” where the fine texture was required for fine finishing. The synthetic sponge was favourable to the natural product. since it offered better durability,consistency and a lower cost. the density and porosity of the foam are important attributes for many customers. Higher density grades are more hard wearing and have become the standard for ceramic applications particularly diddlers, hand, machine sponges

V6.1 RHM

V6.2 RHR

V6.3 RHL


GP is classed by many as an abrasive sponge. Often referred to as Glaspore, this foam was developed for customers whorequire high density and hardness, semi-abrasive foam,often for fettling. Its particular benefit over alternative abrasive products is that is does not contain any contaminating materials. ıt is used mostly for sanitaryware porosity of the foam is a significant driver of its fettling capability we have fine, medium and large porosity options

V11.1 GPWC

V11.2 GPWF


Our oval hand sponges is fantastic for modelling clay and plaster. An oval sponge with no straight sides this has been a favourite of potters such as wedwood and spode for decades certain markets substitute ground sponges for our cut sponges because of preference in manual handling, however, we recommend against their applications because of impact of sponges shards causing pinholes in glazed ware please feel free to approach us with alternative sizes