Machine Sponges

Our range of Machine sponge is sub-divided into:

  • Double tapered machine sponge
  • Skirts
  • Cup inserts

We can manufacture to ypur specification a wide range of machine sponges in various grades and types of material. These sponges can also be split, cogged, tapered, double tapered, grooved, profiled or have abrasive added depending on application. Each material we supply is specially selected for its unique characteristics and consistency, ensuring you of a reliable product when used in your operating process.

Materials such as RR is suitable for high humidity/high temperature environments

As well as our standard range, custom designs can be tailor made to your specifications:

  • Foam outer diameter(major diameter/OD)
  • Foam inner diameter (ID)
  • Foam thickness
  • Foam crown
  • Foam minor diameter
  • Tapered angle
  • Tapered lenght



Made in our RHM medium pore honeycomb foam, in a variety of shapes to suit cup sizes from thimbles all the way up to mixing bowls. These product can be manufactured to you specifications, the range is an indication of the most popular design


Sponge cup inserts are there to secure the clay cup body in the cup holder , while being smooth down by the machine sponge skirt. Our sponge cup inserts most suitable material would be our CY yellow polyurethane foam with a low density its soft but firm enough to hold the clay cup in place. We can also offer you a range of other materials to suit your application needs.